The Feast

This is the last of the Samson segment!

We all danced out some of our excess energy before we sat down and read the story in its entirety this week. I think I got some tears over Samson’s death. We had to sidebar and talk about how Samson made the choice to destroy the Philistines even though he knew he wouldn’t survive. Then we discussed that chose to do that because of his love for God. It was still sad, but it made it a little easier for my upset kindergartener

Our game this week was the Pillar Game, at least that’s what my kids dubbed it. We have some cardboard bricks that we used to build into two towers and then we would blindfold (it helps to reinforce that he lost his eyes) the “Samson” and place him between the two “pillars” and knock them down. After each child a couple tries and we had cleaned up, parents were there to pick up the children.


Samson and Delilah

Sorry this post is late. It’s been a very stressful month. My grandfather recently came home from the hospital after having a heart attack and MRSA outbreak on his arm. We still do home health every day with wound care and an iv antibiotics. So I’m at their house frequently to help out. Wouldn’t trade that time with them for anything though.

I added to the paper dolls this week. I made a little Delilah. I went ahead and made a little boy for next week while I was at it. We try to either dance out some of our energy or sing a song with lots of motions. This week we did Father Abraham. The kiddos love it. They get dizzy and giggly. I like it because they calm down easier after we’ve gone through the song once and gotten through some of our energy supply. Next, we sat down and read through our story from Samson and the Lion all the way to Samson and Delilah. I use the paper dolls and the lion face to act out the story for the kids. They seem to enjoy that. Then we worked on our Bible verse. This week it was Ecclesiastes 5:5 – It is better not to make a promise then to make a promise and break it. After we learned our verse we played a game similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors.  We called it Samson, Delilah, Lion. The kids stood with their backs to each other and on the count of 3 they turned around. When they turned around they had to be making a lion clawing pose, a girly girl pose, or a strong man pose. The lion beats Delilah, Delilah beats Samson, and Samson beats the lion. The kids had a blast. By the time we had played a couple rounds, parents were showing up.

Here’s an outline

Song: Father Abraham
Bible Story: Samson and Delilah (I’ve been using a book that retells the story by Catherine Storr)
Bible Verse: It is better not to make a promise than to make a promise and break it.  Ecclesiastes 5:5
Game/Craft: Samson, Delilah, Lion

Missing Kids

Some of my kids will go missing for a few weeks. Once they’ve been gone about a month or so I try to send a postcard or a little something to let them know we are thinking of them and that we miss them. I hadn’t sent any in the last probably two months, but definitely needed to, when one of the boys asked when the other kids were coming back. So this week I sent out cards. I had some old half fold cards that were for printing you own. I grabbed a few and drew some pictures with crayons on the front and used the crayons to write the message on the inside. It doesn’t have to be much. Little ones just like to get something in the mail like mom and dad. It makes them feel important.

Mother’s Day

I had just about forgotten about Mother’s Day this year. I remembered Saturday afternoon, just in time to run get something for my mom and throw together (somewhat literally) a lesson together. So for this week I have no outline. Just have a summarization of our class. Hope it can help to inspire something with you and your kiddos.

We skipped Samson this week and did Mother’s Day. We talked about what it means to honor our mom. When the boys came in I slipped some old shirts that were in the church craft room on them. We have shirts in our craft room for painting in. Then I pulled out the paint which got the boys super excited. Showed them the bookmarks we were gonna make and told them we were using our fingers and it sounded like a party was going on in our room. I think the hardest part was trying to get the green paint of ones forehead and cheeks. He wanted to paint up like his uncle who’s in the army.

The templates for the bookmarks are on the downloads tab. There are templates for Mom, Grandma, and Aunt.

We also made flowers out of our handprints, but Miss Deborah forgot to take pictures. Here’s some that look similar though.

Samson Gets Married

The Plan

playtime until 5 after 6

song – I’m Gonna Sing. I’m Gonna Shout.

box/storytime *with Samson and the girl paper dolls

activity – color wedding feast *we don’t color much because my kids don’t like coloring

Bible memory – Colossians 3:8
God doesn’t want us to be angry.

activity – free time

What actually happened 

Everything actually went pretty much as planned this week. Surpise!!  I used paper dolls (which you can find in the downloads tab) and that in combination with the lion face from the box made the story a little more fun for the kids. They wanted me to start from the beginning of the book and read to where this weeks story ended. Then we went on to coloring. The boys didn’t like coloring, but I knew they wouldn’t. We made it into a competition into who’s was the most colorful. I couldn’t pick a winner though. They were all so colorful that they just about blinded you. I told them I couldn’t pick and after a couple minutes of my explaining why they were all so good they gave up. Next we worked on our memory verse. I had colorful printer paper that I write a word or two of the verse on and stick it on the door or wall that way to couple of kids that can read or are learning to read can have words to look at. It also helps me to remember the wording because I change the words to make it easier for the kids to understand. Last was free time which was same as at the beginning. I turn on either Air 1 Radio or put on a children’s cd like The Go Fish Guys. The kids get up and jump around and they act silly and “dance.” I love watching them. I think it helps them get all the energy out before time for the lesson and hopefully before time to go home. I don’t have little ones, so I don’t know. All I know is  they love it.

Samson and the Lion

The Plan

playtime until 5 after 6

song – He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands


activity – color and glue together our lion faces

Bible memory – Philippians 4:13
Jesus gives me the strength to do anything.

activity – act out the story (dress up in old bathrobes and pillow cases)

What actually happened

We sang He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. We opened the box and found a lion. The kids were eager to find out what a lion had to do with our story. So I read them the story retold by Catherine Storr up to the place when Samson eats honey from the lion’s body. While the kids colored the pieces of our lion faces we also worked on the memory verse. We glued the pieces of the lion’s faces together and then glued googly eyes on it. We worked a little more on the memory verse for the week.

Overall, I think the kids had more fun dressing up in old bathrobes and flowery pillow cases (which were quickly discarded seeing all I had were two boys). Acting out the story of Samson wrestling the lion was something the boys didn’t stop giggling through, even when our lion played dead he was giggling.

 Samson & the Lion Samson & the Lion   Samson & the Lion Samson & the Lion Samson & the Lion Samson & the Lion  Samson & the Lion

                              Samson & the Lion

Samson & the Lion



Our newest segment is Samson. I have books from when I was a child that my parents would read to my brothers and me.

Samson and Delilah, retold by Catherine Storr and illustrated by Ivan Lapper

I have divided this one into four parts that will be perfect for the kids.

Week 1 – Samson & the Lion
From the time of Samson’s birth, to when he finds the lion full of honey.

Week 2 – Samson Gets Married
From the Wedding Feast to killing several Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey

Week 3 – Samson & Delilah
Falling in love with Delilah to finding himself in prison

Week 4- The Feast
Losing his eyes to the conquering the Philistines

David and Bathsheba

This was our last lesson in the David segment and probably the hardest for me to do. I don’t think they ever taught this story until we were in the youth group, and it was barely approached then. In small country churches, that isn’t something you broach with the kids or anyone I guess. The only story I found that was safe enough for the kids was again from Mission Arlington.

Story from Mission Arlington

David was a special man that God loved very much. God told him that he
would be king one day and God kept His promise.
David tried to follow God and do things His way. However, David made mistakes too.
One day, he met a beautiful woman named Bathsheba. He thought that she
was so pretty. David invited her to come to his palace. He should not have done
that. David did some things that were wrong and he thought no one saw him. He
forgot that God sees everything and He was sad about the things that David had
done wrong.
God sent a messenger to David. His name was Nathan. Nathan told David a
story to help him see that he had done wrong (sinned).
David knew that he had sinned against God. He told God he was sorry for all
the wrong things that he had done. God forgave him for the wrongs but David
still had to pay the consequences for the wrong things that had happened.
God loves us and wants us to do things His way. He wants us to be friends
and love others. He wants us to be kind and care for others. This week, let’s help
others and do the right thing.

As usual I changed it up a bit. The kids ask questions and have comments in the middle, like Bathsheba is a pretty name or they have a friend/cousin named Nathan. The usual.

Before we did our lesson I had the kids wad a half piece a paper into a ball and give it to me until the story was over. After the story was over we tried to cover it up with the other half. No one could get their paper ball covered. We talked about how when we make a mistake and try to cover it up it never really is covered up like our paper ball and David’s mistake.

Next we did our Bible Verse. I made it into a banner this week. The verse was Luke 1:38. We went through it together 3 times. “I am the Lord’s servant. Luke 1:38.” The fourth time the kids got to try it on their own, then we did it together again.

Then we got out Styrofoam plates  and placed a pre-cut heart on the plate. Next we put cling wrap on the plates and with markers we made a marker for every sin we could think of that we had done. When we were done. We talked about how when we ask Jesus for forgiveness, our hearts our clean. We took off the cling wrap to show our clean hearts.

By the time we cleaned up and finished exit interviews moms were there.

I made a copy of the story to send home with each mom, so that they would not wonder what exactly I was teaching their children. This is a very sensitive story and some parents may not like the idea of it being taught to preschoolers. I would rather be overly cautious then too casual about it.

David and Jonathon

This is our third lesson in our David segment.  Our lesson is on the friendship David and Jonathon had.


We have been talking about a man in the Bible. His name is David. He loved God very much. His best
friend was Jonathan. Jonathan was King Saul’s son. They were great friends and did many things together.
King Saul was jealous of David because God helped David do many things. Saul tried several times to
chase after David. He wanted Jonathan to be the next king instead of David.
Jonathan loved David. He knew that God had decided that David would be the next king. He was happy
for his best friend.
One day, David talked to Jonathan about King Saul. David was scared of the king and had been hiding
in the fields. David wanted to know if he was safe or in danger. Jonathan told David that he would always
be his friend and he would promise to take care of his family if something ever happened.
There was a banquet the next day at the king’s house. David told Jonathan that if he did not show up for
the banquet and the king became very angry, then he surely he was in danger.
Jonathan told David that he would shoot an arrow in the field and give a secret sign to let him know if
he was safe or in danger.
Sure enough, that night at the banquet, King Saul asked about David. Jonathan told him that he was not
coming. King Saul was furious!
Saul yelled at Jonathan. Jonathan knew that David was in danger.
The next day, Jonathan shot the arrow in the field and gave the secret sign to let David know that he
was in danger. (Let the kids throw their arrows into the air)
David and Jonathan were very sad. They knew that they would never see each other again. They again
promised to care for each other’s families and be forever friends.
God wants us to be friends like Jonathan and David were friends. He wants us to love others and care
for them.
Let’s pray and ask God to help us be good friends to everyone this week.


Chalk drawings
Make bows and arrows
Secret handshake

Okay so that was our plan for the evening. We had our pick a stick prayer time at the beginning and end.

It was pretty outside and some what cool, so we went outside.

We did an activity to start everything off. We created our own secret handshake. Only had two, so they both settled on the following – the “invisible hand-slap” (only fingertips touch)followed by “the slicer” (spin around and slap hands) and they ended with a regular handshake.

Next was story time. We have a printout if the books of the Bible. The kids (with some help) find the book. The have to tell me whether it’s in the Old Testament or New Testament. Then we count to see what number book our story is in. This week was OT and 9. Our story was very similar to the story above, I think we added some more details and what not. I found the story above at Mission Arlington.

We ended with them drawing their favorite part of the story with chalk  outside. One drew David, the other Jonathon – they both added extra characters like Spongebob and a Squiggly Monster.





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